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Paper Box

Paper Box is the complete collection of all Fedrigoni papers: an essential tool for those who design with paper and want to have a wide range of products at hand.

The collection consists of 3 volumes:

  1. Uncoated Whites: 28 ranges of uncoated white and ivory papers, in different finishes (smooth, rough, textured, laid, embossed, parchment)

  2. Uncoated Colours: 16 ranges of uncoated coloured papers, in a variety of shades and finishes.

  3. Coated Papers: 36 ranges of papers which are coated, pearlescent and with special treatments.

A vast collection with more than 1600 samples, enclosed in a precious box, to touch, discover and familiarize yourself with high quality papers ideal for every type of project: packaging, publishing and corporate identity.

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